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Welcome to Country Club: a free on air/online points program designed to honour and reward our loyal Country 93.3 listeners. 

The more you listen to Country 93.3, the more VIP Points you earn to get more prizes!  Yes, it's that easy!

Simply listen to Country 93.3 each weekday at 7:45am, 11:45am, 3:45pm and 6:45pm for the Most Wanted Artists.  You have until midnight that day to enter each Most Wanted Artist to earn 500 VIP Points each. 

Once registered and logged on to Country Club, you can visit the VIP Store, Raffle, Earn Point, Bonus Code, and the Event & Presale pages that display prize offers and Country Club VIP Point opportunities directly.

You must register by setting up a username and password in order to earn and spend VIP Points, view your account balance, and see special offers for members only. 


Once validated as a Country Club member, all you need to do is enter your username and password to gain access to Country Club features. You will be able to update your registration information as needed, as well as change your password. Profile updates and password changes have no effect on your VIP Points account. Your VIP Point balances will always remain tied to your username.

The accumulation of VIP Points gives you opportunities to win your share of the hundreds of thousands of dollars in prizes, cash, and discounts offered throughout the year on Country 93.3. There are many ways for you to earn VIP Points, as outlined below.


1. The Most Wanted Artist:

Listen to COUNTRY 93.3, Monday through Friday at 7:45am, 11:45am, 3:45pm + 6:45pm, for the “Country 93.3 Most Wanted Artist”. You will have until 11:59pm that same day to enter to win 500 Points for each correct Most Wanted Artist. Access to the COUNTRY VIP Club is through the home page located at Visit The Country VIP Club at, login to The COUNTRY VIP Club – go to “Earn Points” and click on “Earn Points”. Pick the correct artist as announced on Country 93.3, then click Submit. Once you click the Submit button, you will not be allowed to make another entry.

2. Bonus Codes, Instant Win Codes:

Listen to Country 93.3 and check out for random announcements of ways to get Bonus Codes. Bonus Codes may also be posted on the website, or distributed through the “Country VIP enewsletter” (a newsletter designed and sent exclusively to the members of The Country VIP Loyalty Club).

3. Surveys and other Contest Plays or Opportunities:

At various times during the day, other Bonus Codes (numbers, words, or names) may be announced or posted on the site. These must also be entered on line before a designated time. This designated time will be posted on the site or announced on-air.

4. Refer up to 10 friends to become a VIP member by filling out the submission form under the "friend referral" page. This will automatically earn the member 100 points upon validation of the friend’s membership. All members who refer a friend, who does register as an Country VIP Club member, will receive 30% of all the direct points their friend earns for 7 days. This offer is valid for direct referrals only. Maximum 10 friend referrals.  


Through the accumulation of VIP Points you earn the opportunity to reap additional rewards! Here's how you can use them towards prizes, cash, discounts, opportunities and adventures.

  1. Prize Purchase

    Country 93.3 offers unique prizes and discounts on products, services and events in exchange for VIP Points. To use your VIP Points towards purchasing an item, simply enter the quantity you wish to purchase and click "Buy". If you have sufficient VIP Points and haven't already bought your limit (if any), your purchase will be confirmed and a confirmation page will appear with instructions for claiming your prize or discount. Once you click the "Buy" button, if the transaction is successful, the VIP Point amount will be deducted from your Country Club Account and cannot be returned.

  2. Raffles and Sweepstakes

    Periodically, Country 93.3 will offer incredible prize packages, trips, concert tickets, backstage passes, cars, and much, much more in exchange for VIP Points. Some of these offers will be found on the web site, some will be announced on air. Along with each offer, Country Club members will be given instruction on how to spend their VIP Points for chances to win. All winning will be subject to verification. For sweepstakes, VIP Points will be deducted as bid, and the VIP Points will serve as sweepstakes drawing entries.

7/24/2017 06:38 PM